financial technology start-up based in Melbourne that is going to revolutionize traditional home loans and personal loan


Besto is an early-stage financial technology start-up based in Melbourne, which aims to revolutionise traditional home and personal loans. Their goal is to transform how they are applied for and granted online and the forward-thinking company is aimed at digital native and likeminded individuals who feel disconnected with large corporate banks. Website here

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Logo development

During the logo development process, we explored a lot of different concepts and styles. The one that had the most significant impact was the idea of having a strong icon that represents the “b” for Besto. As the logo will live predominantly online and in small formats, we experimented with traditional letterforms and abstract representations as our goal was to capture a feeling of momentum and transition that the rounded edges of the conventional “b” letterform did not capture. This is why we decided to use more geometric forms, with less organic curvature, eventually leading to the final mark.

Icon and typography

The final icon captures the forward momentum and feeling of transition that the company embodies. Through its use of depth angle and gradient, the icon is an abstract expression of the letter B, but, more importantly, it is a strong icon that feels at home on screen and in the digital space.

We wanted to continue this visual identity through to the accompanying typography, which is why we took a robust modern sans serif typeface and heavily modified it using the angles and shapes found in the icon; tying the two together, allowing each to stand alone whilst still be recognisable as an icon.

Visual Identity

During the research and development phase of the project, the client had indicated that a big part of their success was the ability to recognise the brand easily, even if the logo isn’t present.

The way we achieved this was through the repeated use of logo elements in the form of the pattern used at the top and bottom of each page, here and across different applications.The pattern is deliberately composed to reference a data stream or digital bits, even when placed in more traditional print media, as seen Below.

This repeated use of logo elements helps to solidify their association with the brand in the customer’s mind.

They also serve another role as graphical elements that help to break up sections on the webite and app, providing a sharper and cleaner look. You can view the site here:

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In depth usage guide

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