Marketing and launching a modern Mediterranean restaurant


Lemon Twist serve simple rustic fresh tapas, with a fusion of classic Mediterranean cooking and fresh local Cornish seafood and ingredients.

Photography & videography

When working with restaurants, it’s important to develop high-quality imagery featuring their core selling points, such as cocktails, food and atmosphere.

This can then be used in developing a professional and consistent online presence across all social media platforms and is the starting point for an effective online marketing strategy. As they specialised in Mediterranean cuisine, we wanted to reflect this through the use of matching colour palettes.


Lemon Twist has a great variety of local products and great cocktails, so it was important to highlight this on their website and social media and give a feel for the atmosphere of the place. To do this, we highlighted the stunning local surroundings such as the harbour and central outdoor seating.


Lemon Twist has a variety of food on their menu, but what makes them unique is their wonderful variety of high-quality tapas dishes. This helped to inform the style of food photography we used, focusing on top-down shots with simple, warm backgrounds which would ensure it stood out when viewed on social.

Marketing and visual identity

Print is an essential; part of the marketing strategy, and it was important to not focus solely on social media. With Falmouth being a relatively small town and tourist hotspot, it was essential to advertise in local newspapers and the magazines that are often given to tourists. This technique worked very well as word quickly spread within the local community that there was a new restaurant in town.

The Lemon

The lemon quickly became the hallmark of the brand and became somewhat of a customer favourite. It was also an integral part of the interior design which featured Mediterranean artwork and even a 15ft statue behind the bar holding dozens of lemons above its head. In addition to this, there were also multiple papier-mâché lemons hanging from the ceiling. This became a fun and engaging design element to be used in a creative and sometimes comical way.

Improving late night trade

The solution
Loyalty cards on drinks, social media promotions and music nights. We identified a problem that whilst the food side of the business and day trade was very good, after 10pm business would drop. We came up with the solution to push late night cocktails and the first step was to introduce loyalty cards, as you can see here.

Other methods

The second step was to run a promotion on their great selection of gin, taking advantage of the recent interest in craft and flavoured gins.The promotion ran on Instagram, Facebook and the website.
We also ran a cocktail happy hour from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. and ran engaging Instagram stories featuring cocktails being made between 10 p.m. and 12 p.m.

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