Property styling for real estate and Airbnb

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Pillar Property styling helps real estate agents and private owners prepare their homes for sale. By offering temporary interior design services for the duration of the property listing and viewing, they help to maximise sales potential.


Pillar Property came to us with the business goal of working with higher value properties and to break out into the Airbnb and temporary rentals space.

Project strategy

To update the Pillar Property brand and touchpoints to appeal to a more modern online and wealthy audience, who are already familiar with brands such as AirBnB, and have a different outlook on property rentals.

Logo Development

We like to start every design project loose and experimental and refine down to something more practical. This project illustrates this well, where the top line of experimentation is more expressive and creative then elements were pared down to something a little more refined before settling for something that has excellent company fit and a professional look.

The Challenge

The client wanted to stay as close to their old branding as possible while exploring new ideas and concepts.The resulting logo and identity hits a happy medium between being new and exciting, whilst still being recognisable as the existing Pillar Property styling. We achieved this by cleaning up the typography and refining the layout of the old logo, while also introducing some additional elements and colour pallets that better appeal to their new target audience.

Photography & Content Generation

To adequately reach their business goals of attracting clients with higher value properties, we needed to demonstrate experience with properties of that value range. This meant removing low-quality images of lower-tier properties, ensuring they did not discourage future clients.

The Website

The website redesign focused on modernising and simplifying the existing site to appeal to a group of users who are used to modern and elegant UI, such as that found on AirBnB or modern home sales sites.

Case studdies

After conducting customer research, the availability and ease of finding similar projects to theirs was of the utmost importance. This meant it was essential to make it easy to find, and view, other high-value properties and case studies and remove any substandard images on their site.

Content management

Another essential part of the project was to build a robust content management system for their site to ensure that the client could easily upload new images and case studies. This was particularly important as the client base expanded to the new target demographic.

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