Re-designing the foundation text on which to build a good understanding of typography.


Typographic Writings by Wim Crowell is one of the foundation texts on which to build a good understanding of typography. However, in our opinion, the second, and definitive, edition published by Diagram sadly lacks in its graphical presentation given its rich and compelling content.

This project was a redesign of this foundation text, cleaning up minor Formatting errors and introducing some visual excitement and interest to the text.


We have produced a thought out and professional redesign, featuring a good balance of legibility and authorship without compromising the content. We feel that we have achieved a high level of detail, removing all widows and orphans whilst making sure that all lines of text do not exceed 13 words, which is the average optimal line width for legibility.

We made all paragraphs of similar size for readability, using the correct leading for the baseline grid and making sure that columns and guides were placed appropriately for the size of the canvas, ensuring consistency throughout the entire text.




Authorship is a major concern with a project like this, as you can run the risk overpowering the nuances of the content with overly stylised design.We decided to go with a strong, bold contrast between black and yellow, which provided a lot of flexibility to play with.

This also allowed us the ability to add in additional hierarchy and visual flair, without imparting too much in the way of our own personality and visual biases into the final outcome.

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