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The Problem

Successful recruitment agencies need a complete recruitment software solution that will take care of the three core aspects of their business: recruitment, payroll and rostering. However, not only do they need it to be effective at covering these three areas, but they also need it to be inexpensive and offer fast onboarding and migration.

Many agencies face incomplete or fragmented recruitment software, which is often expensive, with complex pricing structures that create a high barrier to entry. In addition to this, many systems also face long onboarding times.

The solution

An all-in-one cloud-based piece of recruitment software that offers a unique pay-as-you-go pricing structure; giving small and medium-sized agencies all of the features they could need in one single package.

Our Responsibilities

We were brought on board at the beginning of Devan’s journey to becoming the number one piece of software for the modern agency.Alongside the founder and a software developer, we built it from the ground up, including in-depth customer and competitor research feature development that utilised the lean start-up methodology and agile development.

We were responsible for the branding, UI and marketing of the entire project. We worked closely with the developer to turn sketches and ideas into code, as well as working alongside the founder to explore marketing strategies and to review progress on the project.


Getting the correct name for a brand can be challenging, and the project went through various names in the development stage until we settled on four options.

To understand these options better, and to get a real-world feel for how they would represent the company, they were taken forward to the visual development stage.

This saw Ohare&sons create rough logos and identities for each name, which were then pitched, along with rationales, to stakeholders, potential customers and industry experts. Their feedback was then taken into consideration, allowing us to choose and design the final name and logo.

Logo development

Eventually, we settled on Devan. The reason for this is because it is a strong two-syllable name with little associated meaning. It is also the name of the founder’s son.

After settling on the name, further visual development was needed, eventually settling on a clean, modern sans serif typeface that looks at home with other SaaS and tech companies.

We then played with different visual elements and icons depicting the online and on-demand nature of the company. In addition to this, we also looked to visually represent the three pillars of the company: recruitment, rostering and payroll.

Final Logo

After numerous design rounds, colour options and development, we settled with this mark as we believed it represented the company. The “v” of Devan is the first of three visual pillars that represent the three pillars of the product and their USP of rostering, requirement and payroll.


Just like most start-ups, Devan needed to secure initial seed funding to help speed up the development process and bring on the additional assets that were needed.

This is where a well-designed and thorough pitch deck comes in. A pitch deck is a set of slides that are designed to explain the core concept in a succinct and easy to understand manner. By developing this, it allowed them to pitch to potential investors and secure the required seed funding.

Design systems  

As the company moves into later stages of product testing, and the UI is being solidified, it is essential to produce a set of brand guidelines and a design system for the app and website.

This is crucial and ensures all touchpoints are consistent and visually pleasing.After months of sketching, iterating and testing product features and layouts, the final UI and design system was created.


The Devan website needed to be clean, modern and simple. The function during this stage of the project was to test marketing strategies and acquire beta testers so that we could further develop the product.

This is why we settled on a simple landing page, which was designed to explain the product in simple terms and capture user data. The hero page featured a drop-down box with an explainer video showing how the product worked.

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