The first and only lithium ion battery recycling plant in the UK.


RSBruce is a rapidly growing industrial recovery and recycling plant that specialises in four main areas: precious metal recovery, nitric acid plant cleaning, toll processing and battery recycling.

Project goal
To refresh and modernise the Bruce Group branding to create a consistent and coherent brand identity across all platforms, helping establish a visual identity that customers will recognise.


Alongside the rebranding, the company wanted to slowly transition to using the acronym RSB, without removing the RSBruce name entirely due to internal reasons. We also wanted to help differentiate the four core business for both internal morale and outward appearance, showcasing their specialist nature and authority on any of the four aspects of the business.

Logo Development

The logo went through many design phases and client meetings to nail down visual fit, meaning, flexibility and form. The versions below are a few select explorations that show the thinking prosses behind the final logo

1. The main idea of concept one was to visually represent the four main areas of the business through colour, helping to achieve a good fit through the use of an industrial sans serif typeface.

2. The evolution of this idea was to use graphic marks and shapes to represent each side of the business, creating an icon and typographic pairing.

3. We then explored different ways of making these graphic marks relate back to the core ideas of the business. We began to experiment with visual symbolism of the act of breaking a chemical bond, further highlighting their service of metal recovery.

4. Idea three worked well, but it had lost its industrial feel and the visiual impact. This is when we began to experiment with the idea of using hexagons to represent the molecular structures found in any chemistry book. This worked well and just needed refining and pairing with strong typesetting.

Solving the core challenges

To effectively differentiate each core business, we split the logo into five parts, each sharing the visual identity of the core brand.

This allowed the company to effectively, and smoothly, transition to the RSB acronym whilst still adhering to the internal requirement of maintaining the RSBruce name in the primary logo.This allowed us to demonstrate industry specialisation and authority to potential customers and build internal moral for each team.

The colour problem Each colour had to effectively represent its corresponding function, be strong as a standalone mark and still be visually identifiable as part of the RSBruce brand.

This would ensure that when used together, they are complementary and no one mark overpowers the others.The solution was to create a set of highly complementary colours that all share a recognisable muted hue. Each colour was selected following careful consideration and in-depth research into the core functions.

Identity system

One of the challenges of the project was creating visual consistency across the whole identity system. To truly tie everything together, we created a set of shapes that were taken directly from the main logo.These shapes were used as a visual element across all touch points, giving the company a very distinct visual identity, so no matter what section of the business customers were interacting with, they would always know it was an RSB product or service.

In use

Here are some examples of how visual identity can be used across different touch points to truly tie the brand together and create a visually impactful and memorable experience.

View the brand guidelines >

In-depth usage guide

Client Testimonial

We started working with Devon at Ohare and Sons to update and clean up our corporate image (Branding/logo). Our old branding was outdated, unfit for the markets we worked in and not reflective of the image we wanted to portray. From the outset Devon was extremely consultative, really drilling down into what it is we wanted to achieve and we could tell from the initial designs he proposed, that he listened and really understood what look and feel we wanted for the company.

We had early consultations with a lot of other providers before speaking with Devon, and can honestly say Ohare was by far was the best agency we spoke with. They really took the time to understand us as a business and built us a tailored package that nailed the brief we provided. Devon was extremely accommodating when working with us to fine tune the designs, and really guided us through the process. He offered invaluable practical advice for what we wanted from the design and even after the branding guidelines had been handed over and the designs finished, Devon was always on hand to offer his support with implementation no matter how little. I would 100% recommend using Ohare and Sons for anyone who is looking to do a rebranding exercise or something similar. Rob Harvey – RSBruce Ltd

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